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Curt, Michelle, Aleesia, Isaiah, Jeremiah Edmonson

Curt & Michelle

A dear part of our Hearts on Fire Family has been called to mission work in Cimarron, CO. Curt & Michelle work with YWAM Colorado - Youth with a Mission. There they are training and sending missionaries out, teaching English as a second language, and running discipleship training schools.

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The Isaiah Projects Ministry, supported by Hearts on Fire Church, aims to promote a Shabbat lifestyle by offering digital teachings and videos to help individuals adopt this practice, as prophesied in Isaiah 66:23. They also create parent resources for discipleship in the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith, emphasizing the importance of Torah and Biblical revelation, as described in Isaiah 2:3. Additionally, the ministry distributes Shabbat Supermarket Cards to support single-parent Ethiopian families in need, aligning with Isaiah 58:7's call for helping the poor. Furthermore, The Isaiah Projects provides humanitarian aid in the form of food care packages to financially challenged Christians living in Jerusalem, in line with Isaiah 41:6, which encourages mutual support among neighbors and brothers.

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The heart of DGWM is caring for the poor & the orphaned. Their current projects have them based in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Hearts on Fire is currently partnering with them in their efforts to create water cisterns in Haiti, as well as building schools in the Dominican Republic. David & Angie George are very dear to the Hearts Family. 

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Leaf Pattern Design
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Reaching Unreached Nations International (RUN) was established by Neal & Danette Childs in 2013 to facilitate their vision to reach the unreached. They have been serving in Niger Republic since 1998.

Hearts on Fire Church has had the great joy of partnering with Neal & Danette's ministry in Africa. Together, they built 5 churches in remote locations in Niger, Africa.

Changing Station
Infant Legs

Paulding Pregnancy Center

let's bless Local mamas

Join us in blessing local expectant mothers with diapers and wipes as we usually do. Paulding Pregnancy also supports and educates women who chose life for their unborn babies. They accept monetary contributions, baby-proofing hardware, and all the essentials: diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc.

Monetary donations can be made below or in person, 

and all other donations can be left in the church lobby.

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