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Title: Spiritual Discernment: Recognizing and Overcoming the Kingdom of Sin Description: In this transformative class, you will: • Understand the two kingdoms at work in the world: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of sin • Learn how these kingdoms influence your thoughts, actions, and relationships • Discover how sin is a powerful force that seeks to infiltrate and corrupt your life • Recognize generational patterns of sin and learn how to break free through repentance and the power of the Holy Spirit • Discern the thoughts that come into your mind and align yourself with God's truth • Gain practical tools for waging war against spiritual forces and overcoming sin • Explore the process of sanctification and the role of the Holy Spirit in your life • Learn how to love others as Christ loves you, separating the person from the sin • Develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm and its impact on your daily life • Be equipped with knowledge and tools to recognize and overcome the schemes of the enemy • Discover the power of living in the kingdom of God and walking in the abundant life He has planned for you Join us on this eye-opening journey of spiritual discernment and experience lasting change and spiritual growth as you apply these biblical principles to your life.


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