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This class, titled "Knowing God the Father", offers a powerful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of God's love and develop a closer relationship with Him. Through biblical teaching and personal insights, the instructors guide participants to recognize and heal from past wounds, especially those inflicted by earthly fathers, that may be hindering their connection with their Heavenly Father. Key topics and benefits of the class include: - Understanding the true nature of God the Father and His unconditional love - Recognizing the impact of father wounds and learning to forgive - Receiving emotional and spiritual healing through God's restorative power - Strengthening faith and walking in the identity of a beloved child of God - Improving relationships with others as a result of experiencing the Father's love Whether you have struggled with feeling distant from God, wrestled with a painful past, or simply desire to grow in intimacy with your Heavenly Father, this class provides biblical wisdom and practical tools to help you move forward in wholeness. By encountering the Father heart of God and learning to live in His love, you can experience newfound freedom, joy, and purpose. Join this life-changing class to deepen your most important relationship - your relationship with God the Father.


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