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Class Description: In this powerful 3-session marriage conference, you will gain valuable tools and biblical insights to take your marriage to the next level. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for decades, you will learn: -The power of oneness and how to cultivate deep connection as a couple -Effective communication skills, including the speaker-listener technique and using "emotional word pictures" -How to keep an open spirit toward one another and avoid a critical, closed-off stance -The importance of treating each other with honor, kindness and respect at all times -Giving each other grace and meeting one another's unique needs -How to rebuild trust, even when there have been major hurts or betrayals in the past -Putting God at the center of your marriage and walking in humility and forgiveness By the end of this conference, you will be equipped with simple yet transformative tools to communicate better, grow closer, and experience the thriving, joy-filled marriage God intends for you. You'll gain a renewed sense of hope, intimacy and partnership. Join us and let God ignite your hearts and relationship in powerful new ways!


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