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Course Description: In this eye-opening class, students will gain biblical insight into the deceptive and dangerous nature of occultism. They will learn how occult practices offer false truths that obscure God's glory and keep people in fear and bondage. By the end of the class, students will be equipped to: -Define occultism from a biblical perspective as anything that replaces God's truth with counterfeits -Recognize how occult practices like divination, sorcery, and new age spirituality are rooted in man's traditions rather than God -Understand the link between fear, doubt and occultic thinking -Identify potential areas of occult involvement in their own lives, even through "Christianized" practices -See how the enemy entraps people through occultic modalities that become a false source of relief -Take practical steps to renounce past occult involvement and uproot occultic mindsets through repentance -Find freedom by renewing their minds with the truths of God's Word and casting down vain imaginations -Embrace God's path of grace and truth which leads to lasting inner healing and deliverance Throughout the class, students will interact with relevant Bible passages and discuss real-life application. They will be challenged to allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify their thinking and will leave with tools to recognize and resist the schemes of the enemy. The class aims to equip believers to walk in the liberty and abundance of Christ.


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