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Course Description: In this course, students will gain a biblical understanding of the destructive nature of fear and anxiety. They will learn how these attitudes stem from a lack of trust in God's love and protection, and can lead to physical, mental and spiritual bondage. By the end of the course, students will be equipped to: -Define fear and anxiety from a scriptural perspective -Recognize the roots of fear in not fully trusting God -Understand how prolonged fear and stress can cause health issues -Identify fear and anxiety at work in their own lives Take practical steps to overcome fear through faith and intimacy with God Find freedom by meditating on God's Word and praying in the Spirit Pray prayers of deliverance from spirits of fear, stress, panic, and more Throughout the course, students will interact with relevant Bible passages, such as 2 Timothy 1:7 and 1 John 4:18, and discuss real-life application. They will be challenged to allow the Holy Spirit to renew their minds and will leave with tools to walk in peace and faith. Key themes covered include learning to fully trust God, taking thoughts captive, and how perfect love casts out fear.


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