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Course Description: In this course, students will gain a biblical understanding of the destructive nature of unloving spirits. They will learn how an unloving attitude stems from a lack of receiving God's love and leads to self-hatred, perfectionism, isolation and even health issues. By the end of the course, students will be equipped to: Define an unloving spirit from a scriptural perspective Recognize the roots of unloving spirits in family wounds and generational patterns Understand how unloving spirits can cause relational strife, especially in marriage See the link between unloving spirits, fear, and disobedience to God's commands Identify unloving thoughts and behaviors at work in their own lives Take practical steps to uproot unloving spirits through repentance and meditating on God's love Find freedom by grasping their identity as the beloved of God Pray prayers of deliverance from spirits of self-hatred, rejection, perfectionism and more Throughout the course, students will interact with relevant Bible passages, such as Psalm 139, and discuss real-life application. They will be challenged to allow the Holy Spirit to renew their minds with the truth of God's love for them. Students will leave with tools to be diligent in aligning their thoughts with God's Word and walking in freedom.


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