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Course Description: In this eye-opening course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the destructive power of self-pity and learn practical, faith-based strategies to break free from its grip. Through biblical teachings and personal testimonies, you will discover how to: - Identify the root causes and signs of self-pity in your own life - Understand the spiritual origins of self-pity and its connection to pride - Recognize the negative effects of self-pity on your relationships, mental health, and spiritual growth - Take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions instead of remaining a victim - Develop a lifestyle of praise, gratitude, and obedience to God's Word - Use scripture to resist and overcome self-pity on a daily basis - Find accountability and support in your journey to freedom - Experience the healing and restoration that comes from humility and faith in God Whether you struggle with self-pity yourself or want to help others find freedom, this course will equip you with the biblical tools and mindset to walk in the joy and victory that Christ died to give you. You'll learn to see trials from a heavenly perspective, develop resilience, and pursue the abundant life God has for you.


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