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We believe Jesus can set you free from torment bondage and heal you! 

First please just read this little passage on deliverance so you can get a better understanding of what it really is. 

“And he went throughout all Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons.” (Mark 1:39)

Deliverance ministry refers to freeing people from the influence of evil spirits, or in other words, casting out demons. For Jesus and His early followers, deliverance was a normal part of the gospel.

Because of misunderstanding, fear, and other factors, deliverance has been greatly neglected in the Western church. But it is just as needed and relevant today as it was in the time of Christ and the early church. Many people have received deliverance and experienced freedom from oppression, bondage, torment, and affliction.


Here is some truth about demonic influence:

-Demonic influence is real, and much more common than we realize
-There are varying degrees and types of demonic influence
-Certain things can open the door to demonic influence
-Christians can be under demonic influence and need deliverance
-In Christ, we have authority to drive out evil spirits and be free from demonic influence
-Demonic bondage can be past down from generation to generation until the cycle is -broken and demons cast out

Jesus died on the cross not only for our forgiveness, but also to deliver us from the kingdom of darkness and set us free!

Request Deliverance prayer.

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Request a in person deliverance session by filling out the form.


We have a deliverance team that's goal is to see you receive your freedom. 

Once you contact us we will send you a form to fill out. This form will address any open doors that the enemy might have had in your life. Once filled out you can book an appointment to come meet at the church for a deliverance session. This is a personal deliverance session. 

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