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How to pray for Salvation In this class, you will learn how to effectively pray for others and lead them to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Course Description: This course is designed to equip believers with the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills needed to pray effectively for others and lead them to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Through a comprehensive study of relevant Scripture passages and practical insights, participants will learn how to tap into the power and authority given to them by the Holy Spirit to be bold witnesses for Christ. Course Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will be able to: Understand the biblical basis for praying in Jesus' name and according to God's will. Recognize the universal need for salvation and the importance of sharing the Gospel. Effectively share Scripture and personal testimony to lead others to Christ. Pray with confidence and guide others in receiving salvation through faith in Jesus. Develop a deeper passion for interceding on behalf of others and seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.


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